Your bike is your weapon, a machine that takes you up the steepest mountains or on the longest roads, so it should be treated well.

When your road or mountain bike is exposed to mud, debris, and grime the moving parts can start to deteriorate. If you spend your time riding in wet, muddy conditions or if you ride often it is important to clean your bike frequently.

We also recommend scheduling regular maintenance checks, monthly or weekly depending on how often you ride. Book in with your local Bicycle Centre now >>


Cleaning your bike

What you’ll need

  • Clean Rags – keep a stack on hand for grease and oil or for general cleaning and drying.

  • Brushes – old toothbrushes are perfect for this.

  • Water - Washing your bike with a high pressure hose can cause damage, when using water do so carefully.

  • Degreaser – this will clean up ‘gummy’ areas such as your bike chain.

  • Chain lubricant – properly lubricating your chain helps to extend the life of your drivetrain. There are two different types of lube - Wet & Dry. Wet is best used in wet conditions, however be sure to wipe off any extra lubricant as dirt can stick to this. Dry lube is best used if you are riding in dry conditions.

Most of your dirty components can be cleaned with a dry or damp rag. Other areas may need to be cleaned using a brush and then relubricated.

There are three main steps to washing your bike

1. Wash your bike frame

This can be done using warm, soapy water and brushing gently to remove any dirt and grime.

2. Clean and lubricate your chain

Clean using a rag and degreaser. After your degreaser has dried, add drops of lubricant onto the chain, ensuring to get every link. Then allow this to dry and remove any excess.

3. Lubricate your brake and derailleur levers and cables

After washing your bike apply a couple of drops of lube to the lever pivots and the barrel adjusters. Check your brake & derailleur cables frequently, relubricating occasionally.


For any further tips or information on bike cleaning please contact your local Bicycle Centre Store >>