Our 2Wheel academy provides support to riders as well as access to senior & elite role models for riders to learn from. 


The 2Wheel Academy provides the opportunity for kids to learn the skills required to be in control of their own life, regardless of its challenges.

The 2Wheel Academy focus is on “wins”, not medals or someone else’s idea of “first”.  Whilst we strongly encourage riders to race and seek any opportunities to test themselves, our focus is on the personal “little wins” that add up to winning in life.

The 2Wheel Academy is structured around small teams because whilst you can ride on your own, there’s always more fun and development when we push each other in a competitive, but supportive environment.

From understanding the vital role local small businesses play, to the operations and impact of their local club as well as the importance of representing themselves and their tribe, these community skills are a vital part of a successful happy life.

Ask us instore to find out more about the 2 Wheel academy.

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2 Wheel Academy Training weekend race squad update


This weekend was the first training camp where we had every team member attend which was really awesome to see. It allowed the team to bond and we all left with a much stronger sense of comradery and mateship, which both added to the feeling and vibe of the team.


The weekend began with a spritely 7am local shop ride, which took us to the University of New England (UNE) and a gentle lap of the soon to be states champs track. This was the first time riding this track for many of the team and gave an insight into the training to come later on in the day. This ride also claimed the first victim of the weekend with a clashing of handlebars resulting in Archi Lawrence ending up sprawled out on the bike path.


After a much needed coffee and breakfast stop post ride, we regathered at the UNE at 10:30 for the beginning of what was going to be a very informative and useful learning experience for everyone. The team split into their respective groups – elite, race and development – and we headed off onto the track with o ur coaches to work different aspects of the track to gain the biggest advantage we could come race day. One of the main areas of focus was a tight left hand corner that led immediately into a tricky rock step up, which many riders had yet to conquer. After the assistance of many parents catching those that didn’t make it, and the confidence this safety net gave the riders, most of the team managed to defeat the obstacle and those that didn’t make it got closer than they had ever been before. Other aspects of the track that we worked consisted of finding places to rest, make passes and just general race craft to give us the best chance on race day.


After lunch and everyone had refuelled the tanks with some much needed snacks, we proceeded to practice the start loop, a concept new to many of the team. With only a few practices needed, the team got the hang of it and we moved onto the completing a hot lap of the track to see how it rode at race pace while also gauging expected and possible times for the track. This experience provided a valuable thing, as many corners were much tighter than we thought and caught a few riders out. This wrapped up a jam-packed day of training with everyone leaving the session with a greater appreciation and knowledge of the track and racing in general. For dinner, all of the team migrated to the Chick’s house to devour enough pizza and garlic bread to feed a small army, but alas we come out victorious.


Armidale provided its finest weather for Sunday’s 3-hour teams race, with an average temperature of 12º and a constant threat of rain providing testing racing conditions. After the previous days lessons and fuelled from an abundance of pizza, everyone was comfortable with the track and were raring to lay down some scorching laps. Determined to lay down the fastest laps we could, everyone dug deep within themselves and achieved some times that gave everyone a glimpse into their growing potential and highlighted the efforts they have gone to in their training. Waiting at the finishing line was Lisa Roberts, standing there with a massive tray of chocolate cake in celebration of Steve’s birthday, which everyone managed to polish off and provided a good reward for their efforts. To finish off the weekend, just as the rain began to settle in, the coaches each gave their own perceptions of the weekend, which proved to be just as positive and impressive as everyone else believed it to be. Coach Dave and Chris finished off the weekend by giving some final pieces of advice and knowledge to the entire team and gave a brief insight into the future team plans before everyone quickly packed up to escape the increasingly miserable weather.


The weekend proved to be a major success for the team, both in terms of riding and mateship. With it being the first training camp with everyone in attendance, all of the team got to know each other a little bit better and the sense of comradery within the team grew and we are all closer than ever before. Everyone left the weekend with some more knowledge than when they started off, and from the team as a whole, we can’t thank all the coaches enough for the time and efforts in organising an awesome weekend and helping us achieve our goals.


A massive thanks must go to; all of the parents who travel with us and allow us to a strive for our dreams; to the coaches who put in so much time and effort to design our training programs and get us into a state where we can achieve and extend our goals; and to all of the sponsors who support the 2 Wheel Academy and provide us with awesome products and support which gives us the opportunity to grow and succeed. Angus Apps - Two Wheel Academy (Captain)




In preparation for NSW state champs in Armidale, we have been holding training weekends to help us learn new skills and practice the course. Over the course of the weekend, we develop not only our bike skill but also our life skills. Spending time within the 2 wheel academy on weekends like this helps us all come closer together and get to know each other's skills and flaws... this is what makes it so much fun. Our team is full of characters, we are always laughing and smiles despite anything. On the 1st day the Saturday we all moan and complain whilst trying to roll ourselves out of bed so that we get to  Bicycle Central On Marsh on time for our regular Saturday 7:00 am ride. I think it's suffice to say that we are sufficiently smiley by the time we ride down the hill into the middle of town and definitely all sleepiness is lost by the time we are at the coffee shop.


Phase 2: The actual training. After we were are all warm and slightly rested from our early ride we head out to Sport UNE were the trails are located this is where we set up camp and regroup around the van and with marquees set up. It's fair to say you certainly can't miss us. When we are ready for the day we head out to the trails in 3 groups the elite team, the race team, and the development squad.

We practice technical features like step ups, nailing our technique so everyone can practice all the time. We also practice laps on the track nailing in lines and getting to know every possible thing we can. One of the things I love about the team is everyone's willingness to have a go. We set up a couple of catchers and then off we go. Anyone who is nervous has their nerves at bay and we work together as a team. This is how we gain success and everyone develops new skills. At this point when we went to practice technical features I headed off with some of the younger girls in the development team to help practice the features. What I love about this is their attitude. They are all extremely positive, they support each other extremely well whenever success arises, there are cheers and laughs and just genuine excitement to be on their bikes.


Phase 3: After some lunch and laughs we head back out on the trails to do a full lap without stopping too much. We split up into the three teams. This time I headed out with my part of the 2 wheel academy the elite team.  I have known these riders for a long time and we have developed very strong relationships so we are constantly laughing at each other but helping each other at the same time. Our little team heads out on this lap with David Harris our coach. David talks to us practically the whole way around, giving us advice on where to overtake, eat, drink or just take a faster line. Dave gives us all this advice whilst we puff behind ( ok it might just be me puffing) . We occasionally stop to check  that we have understood his tips. After our lap, we head back to the van ready for phase 4.


Phase: 4 Starts and hot lap. The team this year has quite a newcomers to MTB racing. To help them understand what they need to do, we practiced starting. We seeded ourselves, then off we went practicing the start loop for state champs. I guess not entirely unexpectedly there were a couple of crashes. The first time one of the girls managed to run into some sort of structure, hit one of the boys who then ran into someone else's wheel taking all three of them down… they didn't do that again. After a few run-throughs, it started to get really windy, drizzly and cold but with only a hot lap left on the books, the weather change didn't stop us from heading out.

We as the elite team did a hot lap then another after the others did a hot lap then lay on the ground all puffed out. After we all recovered from the cold and exhaustion we headed out to one of the family's houses for dinner. Riders practiced their flips on the trampoline and rode a groovy little go-cart down the hill. There's never a dull moment. Not too late, we all headed home to have good nights rest ready to come back the next day.


Day 2: When I woke up on Sunday morning I knew it was going to be cold…  and it was! Cold and drizzly. Trying to ignore the weather we all headed back out to the UNE track to do our 3hr race on the state track. We did this in pairs. We rode with a team mate of the same speed and took turns for each lap. Despite the weather, we all finished in one piece although slightly more exhausted than when we started. We gained very good knowledge of the trails, that we have to race on in a few weeks time and know what to look out for on race day. After our race in the morning, it started to rain and the bravest of us stayed to ride  the NEMTB club 4 hr, where riders dressed up and rode socially. Overall we had a really fun weekend. We all achieved something new and had a great time that was full of laughter and smiles. Emily Wooster Captain of the 2wheel Academy




The weekend was a great chance to work the State Champs track and get it dialled. On the Saturday the three squads separated and worked that track in their groups. The race squad started to work on the sections of the track that we felt needed the most attention with everyone eventually nailing all the step-ups which are a main feature in the track. After this we all sat down and had lunch before we did our hot lap. This was a good chance to see how the track road when we were going race pace or close enough…… As the day concluded the whole team headed out to the Chicks place for dinner. This was a great opportunity to meet up with everyone, especially since the whole team was in Armidale, as we have team mates from all around the region.

On the Sunday, we all retuned back to the UNE track first thing in the morning for the 2- Wheel Academy 3-hour. The weather was bleak which made the racing tough but gave us a good insight to how the track is going to race with a bit of wet weather. Overall the weekend was very successful and a great chance to get to know all the team members a bit better. A huge thanks to all the coaches and to everyone else that made the weekend run smoothly and also to all our sponsor’s who make the team possible! Sam King


Photo credit: Hixit (Pete Hoskings)