A comprehensive bike fit is an investment, one that will pay off every time you ride your bike.

If you are looking for: 


- Improved comfort & lower chance of injury

- Improved performance in your riding (and running if doing triathlon)

- Improved riding technique

- Better equipment selection and the savings of buying the right bike/products the first time

- Peace of mind

- Enjoyment in your riding (and of course the bike fit process)


We'll help you find the right bike and get it set up for optimal performance. Whether you are a recreational cruiser, weekend warrior or competitive racer - a professional bike fit is possibly the best investment you can make towards achieving your goals.


Why get a Bike Fit?

You could have the most expensive bike available but still be uncomfortable and inefficient, or conversely, be able to pedal the most budget conscious bike with high effectiveness. The difference lies in the relationship between your body and bike.

So often it is assumed that all tall people are a Large or XL frame, or all petite riders require a small. But the reality is that everyone has different proportions for their critical (to Bike Fit) limb ratios.

Ultimately, the reason for a Bike Fit is to ensure that you enjoy your cycling as much as possible, whether you derive that enjoyment from going fast, or long or by flying down a mountainside.


What are the benefits of 3D Bike Fitting?

Regardless of the experience of the bike fitter, there are some things that the naked eye just cannot detect. Small lateral movements in your shoulders, hips, knees and ankle swivel can be hard to spot, but easy to rectify once identified. The 3D software provides a comprehensive analysis of how you move on the bike allowing the fitter to make evidence based decisions to achieve the best outcome.

Also, the 3D software speeds up the comprehensive fit process so you can be fitted comfortably to your bike without taking up half the day. Following the fit we can easily generate a report detailing the bikes that will exactly match your position, goals and budget.

The aim of a Bike Fit is to balance your personal proportions with your physical conditioning, injury history and goals. A good fitter will use a combination of the data provided by our velogicfit 3D Motion system, experience and rider feedback to iterate towards a comfortable and efficient position.


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