Our workshop at Bicycle Centre Caloundra has experienced and qualified mechanics with years of cycling industry expertise. We are up to date with the latest cycling technologies and know how to repair and service anything to do with bicycles. Everything from an old rusty bike needing a new lease on life to the latest downhill machine.

–    Workshop open Monday to Friday (drop off and pick up Saturday)
–    Variety of service options
–    Custom wheel building and truing
–    Bike builds out of the box
–    Full Shimano Di2 repairs and computerised diagnostics
–    Front and rear suspension repairs and servicing
–    Disc brake repairs and servicing
–    Bike fitting available by appointment


“Just to get your bike going” SAFETY CHECK $45:

–    Check tyre pressure
–    Check wheels are secure and all bolts are tight
–    Basic gear and brake adjustments
–    Lubrication of chain and pivot points
–    Basic frame clean


"Regular riding but needs a check” BASIC SERVICE $89:     

–    Safety Check Plus
–    Check & adjust Headset and Bottom Bracket
–    Check & adjust wheel bearings if needed
–    Basic wheel true in bike
–    Basic clean of chain and pulleys
–    Basic clean of frame and wheels


"Hasn't had a service for a while” MAJOR SERVICE $139:   

–    Basic Service Plus
–    Full wash and degrease of Bike and Drivetrain
–    Wheels removed and trued in truing stand
–    Remove Bottom Bracket & Re-Grease
–    Free fitting of chain and bar tape with the service


“For quality bikes to run like new” OVERHAUL        

ROAD/TT BIKES $199 MTB $249:

–    Full strip, clean and degrease of all components
–    Complete re assembly
–    Wheel hubs, Bottom Brackets and Headset Overhauled & Greased
–    Wheels trued in truing stand and tensioned
–    FREE fitting of new inner and outer cables
–    FREE fitting of any parts purchased with this service


–    Gear tune $20
–    Brake Adjustment from $20
–    Fit new tube inc. Tube $25
–    Fit new tyre $15
–    Wheel true $25
–    Tubular Gluing from $30 p/wheel
–    Fit Bar Tape $20
–    Fit chain from $18
–    Suspension Servicing from $55
–    Disc Brake Bleeding from $35 per end
–    Bike build out of box from $50